‘Ominous’ Joel Greenberg plea deal includes 60 pages of evidence about the crimes of others: ex-prosecutor

Speaking on MSNBC this Monday regarding the recent news that Joel Greenberg, a close confidant of Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, has pled guilty to six federal charges, ex-federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said the 86-page plea agreement given to Greenberg was something he hasn't seen in his career as a prosecutor.

According to Kirschner, a majority of the plea agreement contains "hard corroboration" of the crimes "of not only Joel Greenberg but the crimes of others," adding that the prosecution has laid out "some really troubling crimes."

In a court hearing Monday, Greenberg admitted to a federal judge that he had knowingly solicited and paid a minor for sex.

"I think one of the most ominous features of this plea agreement ... is the last of the six charges Joel Greenberg just pleaded to is a charge for a conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States," Kirschner said. "What does that tell us? Well, of necessity, a conspiracy means you have co-conspirators, because that is a requirement under the law of conspiracy that you agreed with one or more persons to commit crimes against the United States and you took one step towards the commission of those crimes, what we call an 'overt act.'"

"So, we already know by virtue of this plea, there are co-conspirators who are likely to be indicted and held accountable, we just don't quite know who they are," he continued.

Watch the full segment below:

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