'That's karma, man': Fox News pundit says getting Covid-19 is 'reality check' for Biden
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News pundit Joey Jones said on Thursday that President Joe Biden had been punished with a Covid-19 infection as "karma."

During a breaking news segment about the president's Covid-19 diagnosis, Jones recalled that he had been infected with the virus on two occasions and experienced "fever" and a "cold."

"So I hope and pray that's what the president experiences," the pundit said. "I don't want any bad health on him. I think life comes at you fast."

Jones pointed to a recent incident when Biden misspoke about the dates that he had skin cancer.

"I think when you're pretending to have cancer one day and you've got Covid the next, you might want to recalibrate how you treat things and how you talk," the Fox contributor ranted. "But you know, I don't wish back luck on him and I'm not going to say that that's the reason why."

Jones added: "It just maybe it's a good opportunity for him to have a reality check."

The co-host revealed that he gets "so frustrated with these politicians that think they have to connect themselves to every entire thing that happens in an American's life."

"And I think, President Bident, his little statement on cancer yesterday is proof of that, that politicians have taken that too far," Jones opined. "So what I hope is he recovers fast, it doesn't hurt him, um, that much at all and that he recovers and he reconsiders, you know just how politicians work on stuff like this because saying he had cancer the way he did and backtracking it the way they did, that's karma, man."

"You don't want to fool with that," he concluded. "You don't want to put that into the universe."

Watch the video below from Fox News.