Scientifically illiterate NewsMax host fears the Biden administration will make it impossible for trees to breathe

NewsMax host John Bachman on Friday appeared confused when Biden administration climate czar John Kerry talked about technology that could potentially remove excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

During his show, Bachman played a clip of Kerry talking about the challenges of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as a way to lessen the Earth's temperature.

Bachman, however, seemed to believe that Kerry wanted to remove all CO2 from the Earth, which would make it impossible for plants to produce oxygen.

"If we take all the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, what're the trees going to turn into oxygen?" he asked.

The entire problem with climate change, of course, is that the amount of CO2 produced by human activities has grown to such an extent that it is trapping heat on Earth that is warming the planet's temperature, which means there will still be plenty of CO2 for plants to convert into oxygen even if some of it is removed.

Watch the video below.