'They may have an inside source': John Dean considers what evidence of possible crimes the FBI had to get a warrant
John Dean, Former White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon (Photo: Screen capture)

To get a search warrant, the FBI would have to have evidence of possible crimes being committed. Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, the day after former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club had a visit from FBI agents, former White House Counsel John Dean, who served under Richard Nixon, speculated whether there was an insider giving information to the FBI.

In a statement, Trump compared the FBI to the Watergate burglars, who attempted to set up wiretaps on the phones of the Democratic Party.

"He doesn't understand what happened during Watergate or he's just trying to distort what happened there at his home," said Dean. "And it doesn't work at all, the analogy."

"It tells me that they were cooperating but somehow Trump cut them off and did something that provoked this action," Dean said about the reason that the FBI would swoop in.

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Eric Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that his father had been working with the FBI for months, after the National Archives took 15 boxes of documents that had been taken from the White House.

"They obviously are very aware of what he has," said Dean. "They may have an inside source that sees some abuse of that material. So they had to take an extraordinary action to protect the national security documents. That appears what this is. The National Archives is very aggressive with this sort of thing. I know a former Nixon White House aide who happened to not get all his papers turned in, later he cooperated with a journalist on a book, [and the] next morning, the FBI was at his door. And it was not a friendly visit. So, this is something they're very concerned about that national security information and presidential records are not where they should be."

Dean said that he figured out that the case had to do with the National Archives documents when Trump ranted that Hillary Clinton "got away with her emails."

"I said, uh-uh, he is dealing with documents that are missing and hasn't turned in or something of that nature," Dean said. "This has been months in development. You have an agency that is very protective of its documents and wants them and — this is a perfect example to make a point that not even a former president can walk off with classified documents."

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He went on to recall Bill Clinton's national security adviser Sandy Berger, who never went to jail but was issued a hefty fine and scolded by the judge about how stupid it was to take such documents.

"So this is something that is aggressively pursued," Dean explained. "It appears to be separate from Trump's many other problems, but while they were there and serving that subpoena, if they saw anything that related to his involvement in the overturn of the election, they could take that. So we don't know, and what Trump should do is turn over and open up the warrant and let us all see what they wanted."

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