Mueller prosecutor asks why John Durham spent $200K on travel in six months
Official portrait.

Donald Trump's attorney general, Bill Barr, appointed special counsel John Durham to "investigate the investigators." It was all part of Trump's demand to probe Robert Mueller's investigation into the Russia scandal that resulted in the indictment of 34 people.

Durham never found any wrongdoing in Mueller's investigation, and even his indictments were dismissed. One former FBI agent pleaded guilty to giving a false statement. He never went to prison.

Documents on the Justice Department website detail the accounting of how the $2,076,068 Durham budget was spent. According to one excerpt, Durham spent over $200,000 on travel expenditures during the six months that he should have been preparing for trial, remarked former Mueller prosecutor on Twitter.

"Why is Durham investigation spending over $200,000 on travel in a 6-month period in 2022, especially since they were supposed to be in DC (preparing to lose their second of two federal cases)?" Andrew Weissmann asked.

From April 1, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2022, anti-Trump columnists were already writing that Durham was being humiliated.

In the middle of Sept. 2022, CNN reported that Durham's own prosecutors were already jumping ship.

"Top Durham prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis – who led the team’s case against a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer earlier this year, which ended in a swift acquittal – was supposed to handle another trial next month, but instead is leaving the Justice Department for a job at a private law firm," CNN said citing its sources. "DeFilippis in recent months was at one point working on writing a report on Durham’s findings, which will be submitted to Attorney General Merrick Garland."

(Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that John Durham had resigned from his position as special counsel.)