Here is what's in the John Eastman emails he is still trying to keep from the Jan. 6 committee
CBS Denver/screen grab

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and attempt to overthrow the 2020 election has obtained eight more emails from John Eastman's university server. Eastman had previously claimed that those emails were covered under attorney/client privilege, but the exception to that rule is if there was a crime involved. Thus, the judge turned those emails over to the committee.

The committee has been fighting in court for months to obtain the records, saying that there is possible evidence of a crime by former President Donald Trump.

“The emails that the committee finally has accessed include four communications between Trump attorneys that appear to indicate they knew details they submitted to courts to challenge the election were false," CNN reported on Sunday.

The information included in the emails appears to be communication with Trump's attorneys that reveals they were all well aware that the submissions to courts over the election were false. Four emails exposed the Trump attorneys for filing false statements in court in an effort to stall the certification in Congress, said Judge David Carter.

"One of the emails describes concern the lawyers had about submitting a declaration signed by Trump himself in a lawsuit challenging the election, which said the election fraud allegations it presented to the court were true, the judge’s previous opinion revealed," said CNN. "The Trump-signed statement was sent to court, even though the lawyers knew the allegations within weren’t sound, according to the court record."

Eastman has appealed the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“In order to comply fully with the district court’s production order, counsel for Dr. Eastman provided to the Select Committee at 2:04 pm PDT [Friday] a link to a drop box [sic] folder containing the remaining eight documents that were the subject of the Motion to Stay that was at the time (and is still) pending before the Ninth Circuit," said Eastman's appeal filed on Sunday. "In the email transmitting that link, counsel for Dr. Eastman requested that the documents not be accessed until the Ninth Circuit had had a chance to rule on the Motion for Stay pending appeal."

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