'Stop the Steal' lawyers mocked Trump's wealth behind his back — then tried to block the emails from being released
CBS Denver/screen grab

On Monday, POLITICO's Kyle Cheney reported that new emails reveal several attorneys involved in former President Donald Trump's scheme to overturn the 2020 presidential election privately made fun of Trump's claims of wealth and his deals to funnel public money into his family business.

The attorneys, John Eastman, Bruce Marks, and Ken Chesebro, had tried to block these emails from being released publicly, claiming that they were an attorney work product.

"Am at Trump International in NYC, so I'm feeling extra inspired to work on the President's cases!!" said Chesebro in a reply thread that included Eastman and Marks. "A shame you are not in DC and could contribute to violation of the emoluments clause," replied Marks.

"I'm staying at Trump International DC from Jan 3 to at least the 8th," wrote Chesebro, referencing Trump's controversial D.C. hotel that was eventually sold off as a money-loser. "Doing my part to curry favor with the President by by lining his (empty) pockets!"

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Eastman is widely considered one of the main architects of the plot to overturn the election, with his infamous memo outlining how people in swing states could declare themselves fake Trump electors, after which Vice President Mike Pence would use them as a pretext to throw out the legitimate electors and throw the overall count to Trump.

The plan was broadly considered illegal by experts, as well as by Pence himself. Eastman, who even admitted himself there was no basis for it in law, has faced investigations over this scheme, and the possible suspension of his law license.