Federalist Society member: Pro-Trump lawyer John Eastman is a 'clear danger to the health of our republic'
John Eastman. (CBS Denver/screen grab)

Federalist Society member Jeremy Rosen this week published an opinion piece in The Atlantic in which he slammed pro-Trump lawyer and fellow Federalist Society member John Eastman as "a clear and present danger to the health of our republic."

Rosen's piece comes days after Eastman publicly complained about being disinvited to several Federalist Society events, which the pro-Trump lawyer argued was part of left-wing "cancel culture."

However, Rosen said that Eastman was not being punished for merely having controversial views but for advocating what would have been an overthrow of the American constitutional order.

"What Eastman complains about is not cancel culture," he writes. "Eastman actively sought to help Trump steal an election he did not win. Had they succeeded, the peaceful and orderly transfer of power that is the hallmark of any democracy would have been threatened for the first time in our nation's history."

Rosen goes on to say that, while he hopes President Joe Biden is defeated by a non-Trump Republican in 2024, he believes fellow conservatives need to do more to shun those who supported pushing Pence to unilaterally reject election results.

"Those who are enabling Trump's ongoing effort to challenge the legitimacy of the election—John Eastman chief among them—should be rejected by all conservatives who love their country," he writes. "He and others like him pose a clear and present danger to the health of our republic."

Read the whole piece here.