Fetterman projected to take Senate in Pennsylvania

Lt. Gov John Fetterman is projected to take the Senate race in Pennsylvania, according to MSNBC and CBS News.

In the very early hours of Wednesday, MSNBC called the race, noting that the numbers that were still outstanding were in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two Democratic strongholds. At the same time, the early vote is overwhelmingly Democratic and those are the ballots that are typically the last to be counted.

Those factors led both MSNBC and CBS to conclude that there was no longer a path to victory for Mehmet Oz.

Oz was one of the many MAGA candidates recruited by former President Donald Trump. Fetterman was winning overwhelmingly until he experienced a sudden stroke, which left it difficult for him to process what he was hearing. His doctors came out with reports saying that he had no cognitive issues, but it was still something voters were concerned about.

In a statement, Fetterman said, "It's official. I will be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. We bet on the people of Pennsylvania - and you didn’t let us down. And I won’t let you down. Thank you."