Watch John Heilemann absolutely destroy Ginni Thomas on HBO's 'Real Time'

Journalist John Heilemann has harsh words for Ginni Thomas on HBO's "Real Time" after bombshell revelations about the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"The woman has been a crazy — a crazy — right-wing activist for the entire time that her husband has been on the Supreme Court," Heilemann said.

"You read the text messages, Bill, it's like, who is your nuttiest, most brain-diseased, Trump MAGA following relative," he said. "The one who has been brain-addled by syphilis or whatever and they've completely gone around the bend and they do all their sh*tposting on Facebook — that's what her text messages sound like."

He called for action from Chief Justice John Roberts.

"Justice Roberts needs to get serious about this," Heilemann said.