John Hinckley, Jr. has had 'Redemption Tour' concerts canceled by 3 music venues
John Hinckley Jr.

The man found not guilty by reason of insanity for the March 1981 attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan is having difficulty getting his music career off the ground.

John Hinckley, Jr. was interviewed by Justin Rohlich after he was completely released from court supervision.

"Hinckley, who is no longer confined to a 75-mile radius around his home, is also extremely disappointed that a concert tour he had booked for the summer, with sold-out dates in Chicago, Brooklyn, and Hamden, Connecticut, was canceled," Rohlich reported. "The rug was 'pulled out' from under him, Hinckley told The Daily Beast."

His “Redemption Tour" concerts would feature 14 original songs.

“I’ve had three shows canceled,” he said. “I had a show set up in Chicago, where we were selling tickets, everything was going fine. And then they canceled that show. And then I had a show in Connecticut set up, where they were selling tickets. And that show got canceled. So this Brooklyn cancellation is my third cancellation… I’m just assuming it’s something like, local backlash or something like that. They didn’t really send me an official reason.”

He has also been posting his artwork on social media, on Saturday he posted two paintings on that have already sold.

"I’m just trying to redeem myself through music and art… I do not recognize myself from back then. I’m a totally, totally different person," he told The Beast.


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