Oklahoma man charged after threatening Biden: America will see him 'get his head blown off'
Joe Biden (AFP)

According to Tulsa World, a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been charged by federal prosecutors after threatening to kill President Joe Biden and several members of Congress in a series of threatening messages delivered to a local TV station.

The man, John Jacobs Ahrens, made several references to the Muscogee Nation, in emails sent to KOTV.

"One May 10-dated email read: 'Please go to my Facebook page and read what I sent to the men of the United States Congress. They have less than 48 hours to hand over my money or their children will start dying all over the country … I'm going to kill their children using the same law as the Government used to force our families on to the Trail of Tears,'" reported Curtis Killman. "In a June 10-dated email, the writer stated: 'I just sent a ultimatum to the White House. They will hand the child molesting dog Joseph Biden over for Judicial Proceedings. Otherwise, America is going to get to see a sitting president get his head blown off right in front of them.'"

"In an email dated Thursday, the writer gave Congress until 8 a.m. Monday to 'hand a check over to the State of Oklahoma, the Muscogee Nation and my family in accordance with a signed agreement as set forth in the Treaty of 1866,' apparently a reference to a treaty between the Muscogee Nation and U.S. government," continued the report. "In the same Thursday email, the writer indicates that he is going to 'take those checks by force' if not willingly provided. 'You killed our women and children,' the email states. 'I kill your women and children. Nothing more nothing less. You have until 8:00 am Sharp Monday morning. Then the wheel turns. Only God will know where it ends.'"

Threats on the life of the president are relatively common. In May, New Mexico man John Benjamin Thornton was arrested after proclaiming himself a "Revolutionary War general" who would "execute Joe Biden for Treason." And in January, David Kyle Reeves of North Carolina called the White House switchboard with the message "I am going to f------ kill you all ... I am going to chop your heads off."