Debate breaks out online over election numbers by John King or Steve Kornacki
Photos: Screen capture

The polls haven't closed in Georgia yet as voters decide the make-or-break election for Republicans. While exit polls have numbers out, they ignore a whopping 3 million previously cast ballots in the state. So, the election-night conversation turned to news station loyalty based on the numbers cruncher of choice: CNN's John King or MSNBC's Steve Kornacki.

There's a slate of Kornacki loyalists who led to a flood of celebration for his non-stop dedication to the 2020 election results. The MSNBC host pledged ahead of the election that he wouldn't leave the studio until a winner was called. As the results crept into its third-day colleagues were taking over for him so he could catch a nap in his office.

Kornacki has one thing going for him: unfaltering loyalty from former SNL cast member, gameshow host and actress Leslie Jones.

King, some argued, has a gravitas that is lost in Kornacki's enthusiasm. His quiet demeanor seems preferable to those who can't sustain such a hefty degree of excitement.

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