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In a video pushed out by the Russian Ministry of Education, a young girl asks questions about Russia's invasion of Ukraine so that children can be fed propaganda as much as their parents. The young girl with pig-tails asks what "special operations" are and was flat-out lied to by what Oliver called "creepy."

As part of the children's show, the "creepy" Russian explains to the little girl that the special operations in Ukraine are because Russia is trying to establish peace, which is a lie. He then claims that they're not bombing things like schools or residential areas, apartment buildings, or infrastructure like substations.

"Except you've literally done almost all those things!" Oliver exclaimed. The bombing of a Kindergarten was among the first that Russia hit as they launched their attack. Civilians are being blown up by Russian missiles live on camera and parents are being photographed racing into hospitals with their babies bleeding to death.

"Also, I really don't want to be giving notes to state propaganda, but if you're going to lie to a child, maybe cast a less-creepy man to do that," Oliver asked.

Oliver also walks through some of the profanity that American news refuses to translate on protest signs, such as the one CNN said they couldn't say, which reads that Putin is a "d*ckhead."

See his video below:

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