John Oliver begs Fox's Stuart Varney to stop talking about breastfeeding
Fox Business host Stuart Varney (screen grab)

If there's one thing that Fox Business' Stuart Varney does better than anyone, it's using the same cliche over and over and over again and "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver would really prefer that he stop.

Showing a supercut of Varney segments, he accepted love and adoration from his guests promising "flattery is the mother's milk of television."

The idiom is one that plays on the idea of a mother's milk being what babies are desperate for. As any breastfeeding mother can attest, at times the child looks at you like you're a buffet. But neither Stuart nor his guests are babies and no one is being milked. Nor does anyone want to think of Varney breastfeeding his viewers the opinion of the day.

Oliver mixed the repeated phrase with videos of loving mothers breastfeeding their babies.

Alternatives include: "Flattery will get you everywhere." Or even, "Flattery will get you nowhere, but don't stop trying." He could even alter his standard quote by saying "Flattery is the MyPillow of Fox News," or "your flattery is like the air I breathe, I would die without it" or "your kindness blesses my soul more than my momma's pie." The ideas are limitless.

Check out the video below: