GOP lawmaker hurls profane epithet at colleague who recessed meeting to deal with hospitalized daughter

A Republican state senator was caught on camera calling a colleague a "b*tch" after she recessed a meeting so she could take a call related to her hospitalized daughter.

Local news station WMUR reports that New Hampshire State Sen. John Reagan grew upset at fellow Republican State Sen. Sharon Carson after she temporarily stopped a Zoom video conference meeting of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee because her daughter's doctor needed to speak with her.

"I'm sorry, my daughter is currently hospitalized and her doctor is on the phone," she said. "I'm going to put the committee in recess for 10 minutes."

Reagan can then be heard grumbling about her decision.

"So nobody else can do anything, right," he said. "B*tch."

As the meeting adjourned, Reagan expressed contrition for profanely attacking a colleague who was dealing with a sick child.

"Apologies for my recorded outburst previously," said Reagan, who would later tell reporters that he got caught up in "an open mic Zoom goof."

Watch the video below.