Jordan Klepper describes 'mob mentality' of MAGA crowds when he interviews them at Trump rallies
Comedy Central's Jordan Klepper talks to a Trump supporters (Screen capture)

"The Daily Show's" Roy Wood Jr. hosted MSNBC host Chris Hayes and Jordan Klepper for this week's podcast ahead of the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the Daily Beast reports.

During the podcast, Klepper discussed attending an Iowa Trump rally and he noted that there was no "coherent narrative" among supporters about why the insurrection was wrong. Some spouted conspiracy theories like Antifa was really behind it or that it was a "false flag" operation by the "deep state." Others claimed nothing happened at all.

"I, for one, was surprised how quickly that information and those disjunctive narratives came about," Klepper said.

The violence that was seen that day has now spread to school board meetings in North Carolina and in death threats against local election officials.

"They don’t like to be made fun of," Klepper said of MAGA world. "Even if you’re not immediately recognized, we have to be savvy because there is a mob mentality when we have a camera up."

He warned that it isn't just that democracy is crumbling, but "we were never interested in democracy as an idea. We were interested in democracy as a bullet to put in a gun that we could shoot to win the contest of ‘my team beat your team.'" People don't care about politics, he explained, they just "want to play games."

You can watch the video below:

January 6th: Did It Even Happen?! (Spoiler: Yes) feat. Chris Hayes & Jordan Klepper | The Daily Show