Trump supporter tells The Daily Show that Trump is still 'flying around the world on Air Force One'

"Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper has released a fresh set of interviews with supporters of former President Donald Trump who attended a rally in Iowa a few weekends ago.

What Klepper found in Iowa is a large contingent of Trump supporters who firmly believe that he won the 2020 election, that he definitively lost.

Klepper began by approaching a man wearing an American flag shirt, pants, jacket and fanny pack, who said that he was "trying to be civil today," otherwise he would have a lot to say about former Vice President Mike Pence.

"And even though Trump won, they're hoping he runs again," Klepper noted, referring to the confusing logic about Trump being elected president three times. "Are we ready for this? I mean, the last guy hasn't even conceded yet."

One couple that Klepper spoke with also went after Pence, who has indicated he may be ready to run for president in 2024.

"Do you think Mike Pence will show up here today or does he not want to hang?" Klepper joked, referring to the Jan. 6 chants to "hang Mike Pence."

"I think he would be afraid to show up here today," said one woman. "Because he was a coward and he didn't do the right thing, that's why!"

"Or because these people tried to kill him," said Klepper.

The couple laughed at the comment as if it was absurd. "Nah, I don't think they would. That's — I don't think they would try to kill him."

He went on to show the waving Confederate flags flying proudly next to ones with Trump riding a velociraptor while holding a machine gun.

A group of women wearing American flag overalls over Trump Women t-shirts and MAGA hats said that people claim they're in a "cult." She explained that she feels like the word "cult" is such a negative word.

"We are a group of Americans that love our country!" she said.

Klepper asked if there were any particular "hits" that they hoped to hear from Trump in his speech.

"Oh, gosh, I feel like whatever he spews out of his mouth I just love it," she confessed.

When Klepper approached other Trump supporters about the issues that matter most to them, some said that the border crisis is being brushed under the rug.

"And you're from Iowa?" asked Klepper, pointing to the fact that they don't share a border with Mexico. "So, you're worried about people coming from Minnesota?"

"Oooo, ummmm," the man said, pondering.

He then talked to a man wearing a t-shirt showing Trump with two middle fingers up reading "one for Biden, one for Harris." He complained about Biden trying to pit Americans against each other and divide the country.

"It's like this administration is giving the middle finger to half the country," Klepper said.

"Yes!" the man replied, saying that it felt like it was to the whole country.

"And that's wrong," said Klepper. "We shouldn't be giving the middle finger to half the country."

The couple laughed agreeing, not fully realizing that Klepper was mocking them.

Another man said that he believes Trump is actually still the president, "150,000 percent" certain.

"Really?" asked Klepper. "Does he hold the power of the presidency?"

"Well, he's been flying around the world on Air Force One. So, that's something," said the man.

"I thought Joe Biden's technically on Air Force One," said Klepper.

"No," the man replied. He explained that Biden is faking it and that it isn't a real presidency.

Watch the full video below:

Jordan Klepper vs. Iowans Who Think Trump Won | The Daily Show