Josh Hawley blows up his censorship claim with tweet thanking media for covering him
Josh Hawley (Youtube)

Senator Josh Hawley seems to be having a bit of trouble staying on message.

After weeks of whining incessantly about having been censored and canceled by the news media, Missouri's fist-pumping seditionist issued a syrupy Tweet thanking them for their attention to him:

The list of outlets Hawley praised included network TV stations across Missouri, as well as some conservative outlets, rather putting the lie to his claims of being canceled. Perhaps he would argue that he's mostly concerned about getting canceled by social media giants, although he did use Twitter to test-drive the new, "grateful Josh" model.

Hawley no doubt will go full bore in coming weeks to use social media to promote his upcoming book, "The Tyranny of Big Tech," which is set to come out in May. There's no release date for the sequel, "The Tyranny of Irony."

It didn't take Twitter long to notice that Hawley had adopted a strange way of appearing censored: