Republican lawyer says Josh Hawley's stunt challenging Biden's results has 'zero percent chance' of working
Photo: screengrab

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," former Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsberg, a key player in the Bush v. Gore litigation, tore into the move by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to challenge the election results in several states when Congress gathers to certify the Electoral College.

"Senator Josh Hawley plans to reject these election results when congress meets next week, and we're hearing some updated information just in the last several minutes that Hawley plans to challenge the results coming from multiple states," said anchor Jim Acosta. "And so this could drag out the process all day long apparently next week. He's considering this from what we understand, what the senator is saying at this point. But this has zero percent chance of success, isn't that right?"

"That's correct. Zero percent chance," said Ginsberg. "And the notion that he's going to highlight fraud and abuse in the electoral system is totally misplaced. The forum to do that is a court of law. And in all the many court cases, about 60 now, the Trump forces have tried to present that evidence and have utterly failed. And so what Josh Hawley is going to do is just repeat the misinformation that's been floating around the country already."

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