GOP Senate candidate rants about 'using kids as human shields' in response to basic question about COVID in schools

During an interview with SpectrumNews reporter Josh Rultenberg, former Ohio state treasurer and current candidate for the U.S. Senate Josh Mandel became irate when asked about children in schools and their potential exposure to COVID-19.

Responding to Rultenberg, Mandel said his question "is completely immoral and unethical."

"You're asking the question of putting kids as human shields to protect adults," Mandel said. "That's completely immoral, it's completely unethical -- our kids only get one childhood and over my dead body am I going to allow journalists like yourself, or politicians, to advance the argument that kids should be used as human shields for adults. That's insane."

"I don't know why you took a personal shot there," Rultenberg replied. "I mean, I literally just asked a question."

Mandel said that Rultenberg shouldn't have taken his comments personally. "I just thought the premise of your question was immoral. ... the way you ask questions is completely biased, it's totally in line with fake news, but listen -- I'm glad to continue doing interviews with you anytime, but if you want me to just be nice to you and kiss your butt like some of these other candidates do, I'm not gonna do it."

Watch the exchange below: