Trump-loving Alabama judge fired in unanimous ruling after asking Black clerk if he 'sold drugs' to buy new car
Screen cap / YouTube

On Friday, NBC News reported that the Alabama Court of the Judiciary unanimously ruled to remove Probate Judge Randy Jinks from the bench.

"In sanctioning Probate Judge Randy Jinks of Talladega County, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary wrote that he had violated several of the state's Canons of Judicial Ethics, guidelines directing judges to uphold the honor of the judiciary, maintain decorum and avoid impropriety," reported Erik Ortiz. "The decision to discipline Jinks, 65, comes after a multiday hearing this month that included witness testimony, as well as character witnesses called by Jinks' defense lawyer, including former Alabama Gov. Bob Riley."

Jinks reportedly read out a meme in his office saying of Black Lives Matter protesters, "You sons of b------ are going to need something to burn down after Trump gets re-elected for a second term, sons of b------." He also made disparaging remarks about George Floyd and asked a Black clerk, Darrius Pearson, if he was "selling drugs" to afford his new car, and discussed pornography with subordinates.

"The employees also accused Jinks of using profane language and throwing tantrums, once going on a tirade after his sandwich went missing from a refrigerator, and that he tried to use the power of his position to get or grant favors," continued the report.

Pearson applauded the court's ruling, saying "my heart skipped a beat," when he heard the news.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary is well known for firing Roy Moore as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court on two separate occasions. Moore would go on to run for Senate in the 2017 special election, only to implode spectacularly amid allegations he molested multiple women and teenage girls.