Judge unloads on Proud Boy ‘Spaz’ as he orders him to remain jailed over Capitol riot
Dominic Pezzola. (Photo from DOJ memorandum in support of pretrial detention.)

A judge for the United States Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday unloaded on Proud Boy Dominic "Spaz" Pezzola for his role in leading the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol building.

In a new ruling, United States District Judge Timothy Kelly denied Pezzola's request for pre-trial release and argued that the Proud Boy served as the "tip of a spear that pierced the United States Capitol" on January 6th.

"The government has proffered photographs and video showing Pezzola at the forefront of a mob charging the Capitol grounds, robbing a police officer of his riot shield, and then using that shield to break a Capitol window, allowing him -- and others in the mob -- to enter the halls of Congress to disrupt our Nation's peaceful transfer of power," Kelly wrote. "The Grand Jury has charged him with eleven counts stemming from this assault."

Pezzola and another Proud Boy, William Pepe, have been accused by federal prosecutors of engaging in a conspiracy to obstruct, influence, impede, and interfere with law enforcement officers engaged in their official duties in protecting the U.S. Capitol.

"It is alleged that Pezzola and Pepe took actions to evade and render ineffective the protective equipment deployed by Capitol Police in active riot control measures, including actions to remove temporary metal barricades erected by the Capitol Police for the purpose of controlling access to the Capitol Grounds, and the stealing and purloining of property belonging to Capitol Police," the Department of Justice said in a statement.

"It is further alleged that Pezzola confronted a Capitol Police officer attempting to control the crowd and ripped away the officer's riot shield, while the officer was physically engaging with individuals who had gathered unlawfully in the west plaza of the Capitol. Pezzola can be seen on video that has been widely distributed, using that riot shield to smash a window at the U.S. Capitol."