Woman charged with a hate crime after she and her boyfriend cornered Black Amazon driver and blocked him from leaving

A California woman has been arrested and charged with a hate crime after she and her boyfriend cornered a Black Amazon delivery driver and prevented him from leaving, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

Julie Warland, a 35-year-old resident of Berkeley, California, who is white, became upset with the way Kendall McIntosh was driving while he was doing deliveries in her neighborhood. She and her boyfriend then followed McIntosh to "confront" him. She then parked her car on the street in such a way that McIntosh couldn't drive away.

He then tried to deescalate the situation by attempting to leave, but Walrand prevented him by grabbing his steering wheel and hands.

Walrand called 9-11 and told the dispatcher McIntosh was "trying to escape." She also reportedly yelled profanities and racial slurs at him. McIntosh finally was able to get away.

Speaking to KRON4, McIntosh said the ordeal left him feeling "scared and unsafe."

"Instantly just started cursing me out like, first sentence I'm getting cursed at," McIntosh said. "Very derogatory language, you know I was getting constant F-bombs thrown at me. I was getting just racially profiled from the jump." He added that she told him, "Who the f–k do you think you are?" and "Who do you think you are driving down my street like this?"

Watch KRON4's report on the story below:

Berkeley police arrest suspect in hate crime investigation www.youtube.com