Black family awarded $8.25 million after being unlawfully searched and handcuffed on their way to a math test

A mother and her two daughters who were handcuffed and unlawfully searched in California have been awarded damages worth several million dollars, KTVU reported.

"I think that everybody recognizes we all have implicit bias," their attorney, Craig Peters of San Francisco, said in an interview on Monday.

"I have it. You have it. We've all got it. These officers are no different. And so, subconsciously, there was something going on that made them unreasonably suspicious of this family. I think that if this same scenario happened and these were white women, it would have played out very differently."

The group was on their way to UC Berkeley so one of the young women could take a math test. The jury found Deputy Steven Holland liable for $2.7 million to mother Aasylei Loggervale and $2 million her daughters individually -- Aaottae Loggervale, then 17, and Aasyeli Hardege-Loggervale, then 19.

Then-Deputy Monica Pope was found liable for $750,000 to both daughters.

There's still a possibility that the award could be lowered, although nothing indicates that could happen so far.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Jury awards $8.25M to Black mother, daughters handcuffed outside Castro Valley Starbucks