Trump fumes at the media for not repeating his conspiracy theory about 'agitators' on Jan. 6: 'Probably antifa'
Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump complained that the press does not focus on his conspiracy theories about Jan. 6 during an appearance Wednesday on Lou Dobbs' podcast.

"The are other fears as well for American citizens that come as a result of confused leadership, I'll put it that way," Dobbs said. "The Jan. 6 committee effectively creating political prisoners in this country for the first time."

"Yep," Trump said.

"We've got a corrupt government, as you well know, it's turned against Americans," Dobbs said. "Many Americans are afraid of their government now. Your thoughts on that?"

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"There's probably never been a time like this, ever. And don't forget, they went there to protest the results of the election," Trump said.

"There were hundreds of thousands of people there, hundreds of thousands. Went all the way back to the Washington Monument and bigger than any crowd, I believe, I've ever spoken to. You never hear about that," he claimed. "They never show you the pictures of that crowd. They show you the people going down to the Capitol and all that."

"They never talk about the sort of the agitators that were there, probably antifa and Black Lives Matter, they only talk about certain other things," Trump complained.