Jan. 6 committee member laments criminal referrals to the Justice Department have 'dropped into a void'
Peter Navarro (Twitter).

Former White House senior official Jared Kushner appeared before the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 this week. According to Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), the information delivered to the committee can't be revealed publicly, but Kushner was cooperative and answered the questions the committee had.

Kushner, who was on a plane coming back from Saudi Arabia on Jan. 6., landed in Washington after the worst of the attack, and simply went home.

Lofgren explained that Kushner, "was not combative. He was precise, and he didn't volunteer anything, but he did answer questions if he remembered the answers. So, it was not a combative or a, you know, volatile exchange at all."

She was asked about those refusing to cooperate despite subpoenas, and she implied Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared missing in action.

"You know, all I know is what I read in the New York Times on that," she explained. "But when it comes to the referrals that the committee has made for prosecution — because the committee is a victim of the crime of contempt, criminal contempt. And we as the committee and the American people expect action, and we are — we did express some frustration at our last public business meeting about it. It just seems that the referrals have dropped into a void, and we think that's problematic, obviously. Under the system of laws that we have here the Department of Justice doesn't report to congress. They shouldn't, but as victims of the crime of criminal contempt, we're hoping that action will be taken and frustrated that has not yet occurred."

She went on to address Ginni Thomas, wife to Justice Clarence Thomas, the far-right Supreme Court judge. According to Lofgren, text messages obtained by Mark Meadows showed that Mrs. Thomas "was pretty far down the conspiracy rabbit hole, which is sad to see."

It is not certain the extent to which she did or did not play a key role in the Jan. 6 plot.

See the interview below:

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