'Kent State gun girl' roasted after she says carrot chopping makes her 'feel empowered as a woman'

A conservative gun activist was mocked on Monday after she said that being a "good housewife" makes her "feel empowered as a woman."

Kaitlin Bennett, who is known as the "Kent State gun girl" for open carrying an AR-15 while attending school, shared the anti-feminist screed on Instagram.

"You know what makes me feel the most empowered as a woman?" she wrote. "It's not getting an abortion or rapping about wet a** 🐱. It's being a good housewife and cooking for my husband. 🍳 Don't fall for the lies of feminism."

She then offered several photos as proof of her "culinary skills."

One photo of Bennett chopping a carrot with a paring knife received attention on Twitter, with many people recalling that she had once worn a diaper to a protest.

"Definitely her first time using a knife," one commenter wrote.

"Wrong knife, wrong cutting board, and scraps in the food pile," a person observed. "Sad."

"They can't even be honest about their shitty beliefs, its pretty clear shes no clue what she's doing," another commenter said.

Read Bennett's post and some of the responses below.