West Wing staff blamed for side-lining VP Kamala Harris: CNN analysts
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Facebook)

Vice President Kamala Harris's staff fear that the West Wing is setting her up to fail, CNN's Edward-Isaac Dovere reported Sunday.

According to the report, President Joe Biden wanted to model his relationship with Harris off of his relationship with former President Barack Obama. On that list of things that Biden was given is the problem with the northern triangle countries and immigration. The problem is that the border problem wasn't as much of a political problem then as it is now.

Dovere explained that Harris's staff thinks that the West Wing is giving her assignments that "hide her" or hand her things that Biden simply doesn't want to deal with. What the VP staff believes is that the West Wing could give her important things to do that are more to her skill set.

At the same time, there's a constant debate over the filibuster and the voting rights bill. Harris has been outspoken on the issue, which has put Biden in a difficult position. Only recently has Biden indicated that he agrees the Senate is broken and that filibuster reform might be necessary.

Biden has largely put his belief in legislation, assuming that passage of his landmark legislation will save poll numbers and the Democratic Party along with it. Like with Obamacare, however, Biden hasn't hosted speeches or town hall meetings in areas of the country desperate for the transportation bill or even his personal transportation bill.

Addressing the issues, Urban Radio's April Ryan explained that it clearly isn't a Harris issue, so much as it's a West Wing staffing issue. She cited the recent Biden event in Baltimore in which the president didn't even mention that the Port of Baltimore could be a solution to many of the supply chain issues. And the same conditions, issues like the supply chain, inflation, and costs dominate the news, but Biden's administration has stayed largely silent in explaining it to the American people.

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