Republican tells C-SPAN: Kamala Harris should be impeached for 'always laughing'
Kamala Harris (ALEX WONG:AFP)

A Republican caller told C-SPAN that Vice President Kamala Harris should be impeached because she is "incompetent" and "always laughing."

On Monday's Washington Journal program, C-SPAN's Bill Scanlan spent an hour asking callers to comment on Harris' performance as vice president.

The first caller was a Republican from California named Rory.

"I think Harris will never be competent and if the 25th Amendment is used against Biden then she might become the president," he opined. "So, I think the 25th Amendment will get rid of Biden. And then she may be impeached and then you'll get a Republican who is now the head of the House."

"What would she be impeached on, Rory?" Scanlan wondered.

"Incompetence; always laughing like a fool," the caller replied. "And never doing anything. Spending money on things that don't go. And they need to close [the border] — I mean, really put real barriers if necessary with guns to stop aliens from coming over, especially the drug cartels more than the people who want a better life."

After becoming vice president, Harris became a target of conservatives who focused on her laugh.

“If it weren’t her laugh, it’d be her smile or the way she dressed,” Color of Change President Arisha Hatch recently told the Los Angeles Times.

The U.S. Constitution allows the impeachment of presidents who commit "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Watch the video clip below from C-SPAN.