Kansas insurrectionist 'sounded like she was sobbing' while pleading guilty
Jennifer Parks, Kansas insurrectionist (Photos: FBI Indictment documents)

Jennifer Parks, a Kansas woman who participated in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday morning and appeared to get emotional while accepting responsibility for her behavior.

According to Politico legal reporter Josh Gerstein, who was live-tweeting the proceeding, Parks "sounded like she was sobbing at one point." The video showing the appearance before the court only had audio and didn't show Ms. Parks, but at one point she asked to talk to her lawyer after the clerk read the headings before finalizing the guilty plea.

Parks' case was flagged to the FBI by a tipster who showed a text message from Parks' daughter saying that her mom was going to the Capitol and that Parks confessed to going inside the building, the indictment reads.

She was also spotted on bodycam videos and in photographs both inside and outside of the building.

Gerstein tweeted that the lawyer came back and explained they'd sorted things out. Parks had questions about the "parading-in-the-Capitol charge" that many are pleading guilty to. It says under the subsection that she participated in "violent entry and disorderly conduct."

"Defense Atty Maria Jacob said there was no evidence of Parks being violent in the Capitol," tweeted Gerstein. "Judge Carl Nichols said that had caused some other defendants concern and also pops up in the court's computer system sometimes."

Parks ultimately pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charges and the guilty plea was accepted. She now moves onto sentencing along with many other insurrectionists.

You can read the report here.

Last Friday, another Capitol rioter, who was hauled off to jail screaming, appeared before a judge to seek her release pending trial.

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