Highway Patrol mystified why GOP lawmaker was released from jail: ‘We’ve got a lot of questions’

The Kansas Highway Patrol is responding publicly to the scandal after Republican state Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop was arrested for DUI -- and quickly released from jail.

The editorial board of The Kansas City Star blasted the decision by Shawnee County District Judge Penny Moylan to release Suellentrop, with the judge citing incomplete paperwork.

"Mr. Suellentrop, you're being held on allegations of driving under the influence, and fleeing and eluding. I reviewed the law enforcement officer report. At this time, I do not find probable cause to support your arrest and detention based upon failure to include some pertinent information within that law enforcement officer report," Judge Moylan said. "As such, you're going to be released at this time, okay?"

KSNT-TV interviewed Kansas Highway Patrol Lt. Candice Breshears.

"We've got a lot of questions about what wasn't in there and how is he not being charged," Breshears said.

"Some information there which was listed on the front of the initial arresting report, but not on the backside," she added. "So those minor inefficiencies will be fixed in the final report that will be submitted to the DA for review and for charging."

Suellentrop was booked at 3:55 a.m. following his arrest. Multiple drivers called 911 to report a white SUV driving in the wrong direction on I-470 and I-70.

"Our Capitol Police officer heard that call of a wrong-way driver that night, and wrong-way drivers can have a tragic ending," Breshears said. "Our Capitol Police officer did the best thing that he could by responding to find that vehicle, he located that vehicle, was able to get it stopped which could've prevented a fatality."