Arizona Republican ripped for conducting 'a shameless sham on top of a sham' for Trump
Elect Karen Fann on Facebook.

The top Republican in the Arizona state Senate was roasted on Monday by Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini.

"The colossal incompetence of the Cyber Ninjas and their sham election audit cannot be overstated. However, what is being colossally understated is the incompetence of the person who hired them, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, and the Republicans who supported her," Montini wrote.

The Cyber Ninjas announced the company is shutting down and laying off all employees after receiving a $50,000 per day fine for refusing to comply with state open records law. Its widely-panned audit of the vote in Arizona confirmed that Joe Biden won the state.

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"It’s a disaster, and the debunked conspiracy myths about election fraud are continuing to be spread by Republicans, mostly to get those gullible Trump believers to send more wasted donations. It’s a shameless sham on top of a sham," he wrote. "The Cyber Ninjas are a joke. But in giving them the job, Fann displayed an unparalleled level of incompetence. And if it’s not incompetence, it’s even worse."

The column came a week after Steve Bannon suggested to his podcast audience that Arizona Republicans were intending to take further action in the state.

"In Arizona they are going to move to decertify," Bannon reportedly said.

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