Video shows officers who dislocated elderly woman's shoulder during brutal arrest fist-bumping and laughing afterward

A video released by the lawyer for Karen Garner, the 73-year-old Colorado woman with dementia who allegedly had her shoulder dislocated and fractured while being arrested by Loveland police, indicates that the officers involved in the arrest failed to provide Garner with medical attention despite knowing she was injured, lawyer Sarah Schielke alleges.

Schielke says the video shows the three arresting officers, including Austin Hopp who allegedly was the one who injured Garner, watching bodycam video of the arrest, laughing about their use of excessive force, and even fist-bumping over the fact that one of the officers intimidated a citizen who made a complaint about the arrest.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Life and Liberty Law Office, which is the law firm that Schielke represents, and shows Hopp telling another arresting officer, Daria Jalali, to listen for the "pop" in Garner's shoulder as they watch bodycam video of the arrest at the police station as Garner sat in a cell just a few feet away "confused and crying in pain."

According to Schielke, Garner would ultimately go over six hours without any medical attention.

"Ready for the pop? Here comes the pop," Hopp can be heard saying in the video.

"This horrific statement comes to light after Ms. Garner's family hired a sound engineer to enhance the audio on Loveland Police station booking videos from the day of Karen's arrest," Schielke writes in the caption of the video. "The video reveals a grotesque culture of callous disregard for the health and safety of citizens. The officers fist-bump one another multiple times in self-congratulation for both the assault on Garner and the intimidation of the citizen who attempted to complain about it."

"Loveland knew. They've known all along," Schielke said in a separate statement. "They failed Karen Garner. They failed the community. And they did it all on camera. Do you realize how horrifying that is? That means they were used to getting away with it. That the comfortable norm in Loveland is one of zero accountability. That this is not just some 'isolated incident.' It is not just one single 'problem.' It is widespread, sociopathic criminality. And to attempt to shift the burden to Karen, or a bystander, or her family, or counsel, to report this? Shame on you, Loveland. You took an oath to protect and serve. This is a disgrace."

Schielke said the arresting officers told the Larimer County Jail staff that Garner was uninjured despite obvious signs to the contrary.

Hopp has reportedly been placed on administrative leave and the other two officers have been reassigned to "administrative duties" while the matter is being investigated. "To date, the City has yet to extend any apology to Ms. Garner or her family for the various atrocities witnessed on these videos," according to Schielke.

Watch the video below: