WATCH: Woman declares UPS store her 'private residence' as she flips out over mask policy
A video posted to Reddit shows a maskless woman harassing employees and customers at a UPS store. (Screen grab)

A video posted to TikTok and Reddit this Tuesday shows a maskless woman arguing with employees and customers in a UPS store, accusing them of misplacing her packages. Employees repeatedly tell the woman they can't help her because she's violating the store's mask policy, and throughout the video, she repeatedly denies their request.

At one point, the woman turns towards the person recording the video and demands they "shut down your phone."

"This is a private residence, and actually I'm restricting your recording and so therefore you are not allowed to do this," the woman says.

"Where's your mask?" the person recording says.

"My mask?" the woman replies. "I'm not a conformer."

Watch the videos below:

@asapvick TikTok deleted my 1st post for “bullying and harassment" but this lady was clearly bullying and harassing the customers and employees ##fyp ##karen
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@asapvick Pt 2. The store had a 3 person limit at a time and there was a line outside. The store's policy was also for all individuals to wear mask ##fyp
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@asapvick Reply to @jessicahall982 I hate my voice recorded but I'd definitely be down to do a story time if you guys are interested! ##fyp
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