Brooklyn ‘Karen’ receives amazing response after ‘snitching’ about pot on NextDoor

A post on the Brooklyn's "NextDoor" community forum earlier this month complained about the smell of marijuana in a local park and its alleged potential to cause "brain loss, sleep problems, and overeating."

The woman behind the post, ironically named "Karen," asked the community to get together and enforce "the fact that it's still going to be against the rules to smoke marijuana openly" in local parks.

"I would call 311, but they don't seem to help," Karen wrote. "Does anybody have any ideas?"

Karen got a response -- from Nick Hexum from the band 311.

"A little birdie told me that you've been doing some snitching on NextDoor," Hexum said.

"This message is to say, let's live and let live and I'm gonna sing you a song of positivity because love is always the answer."