Trump wants Kari Lake to take a mulligan and redo the Arizona election
Donald Trump golfing / Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead

Donald Trump wants Arizona to redo its 2022 election after his entire slate of election-denying Republicans lost their campaigns.

Kari Lake lost for governor, Blake Masters lost for U.S. Senate, Abe Hamadeh lost for attorney general, and Mark Finchem lost for secretary of state of spending their campaigns pushing Trump's lie of election fraud.

“This election was a disgrace, everything was geared by Republicans toward election day and then, when it finally came around, the Republican machines were systematically broken," Trump said.

An investigation by The New York Times could not document any voter being denied the right to vote.

"They should at minimum redo the Arizona Election," Trump said.

That would essentially give the GOP campaigns a "mulligan" -- the golf term for a player getting to redo a bad shot without it counting towards the score.