kari lake wags finger
Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spoke to OAN while at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend to explain that there are many men who have trauma about the women in their lives having an abortion.

After Politico leaked Justice Samuel Alito's decision about overturning Roe v. Wade, the conversation about medical privacy and choice has reignited across the country. For the leading Republican candidate for Arizona's governor, she wanted to highlight men who "let" their girlfriends get an abortion.

Lake explained that "later on down the line" these men can't stop but thinkin'" of what that baby would have grown up to be. But Planned Parenthood never tells you that," she said, wagging her finger.

Fox8 reported that the banning of abortion has reignited a conversation about child support for men like the ones Lake is talking about. For example, one Amendment suggested under the Florida abortion ban would mandate child support from fathers begin at 15 weeks.

Many state laws will declare "personhood" for a fetus or embryo, meaning it would have the same rights as an existing individual. Since that includes child support, there could be lawsuits to ensure that child support also begins at the point the state law declares the fetus or embryo a "person."

See Lake in the video below:

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