Trump-backed candidate tells reporter to 'put down Hunter's crack pipe' over question about voter fraud conspiracy theories

During a recent exchange with a reporter at an event hosted by the ASU College Republicans, Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake said that anyone who thinks Joe Biden won the 2020 election needs to "put down the crack pipe."

"This is what's wrong with the media," Lake, who is a former news anchor, told a journalist. "You guys are pushing a narrative. You know that Joe Biden didn't win by 81 million votes."

"I do know he won," the journalist replied.

"By 81 million votes? You really need to put down the crack pipe -- Hunter's crack pipe," Lake shot back. "You really believe Joe Biden won by 81 million votes?"

To clarify, Biden did not "win by 81 million votes" -- 81 million is the total number of votes he received.

As the exchange continued, the reporter told Lake that "there is not proof behind most of the stuff you've tweeted about."

Watch the video below: