Watch: Kari Lake witness bursts into tears for no apparent reason at Arizona election trial
Kari Lake (Photo via AFP)

Jacqueline Onigkeit, a witness for Kari Lake's election challenge, burst into tears before an Arizona judge on Wednesday.

During what was expected to be Lake's final attempt to overturn the election in Maricopa County courts, Onigkeit offered testimony that attorneys said would prove the county's signature verification process was faulty.

Onigkeit began her testimony by explaining she was a Republican who once voted for Barack Obama. She said she got involved in the election process "back in 2020, there was a lot of information coming out about the elections not being valid."

"Why did you want to get involved in Maricopa's election process?" Lake attorney Kurt Olsen asked.

"I'm doing this for my children," Onigkeit replied, crying. "I have five children and, sorry, nine grandchildren, and I want their vote to count."

Olsen tried to continue, but Onigkeit struggled to answer through tears.

"I'm sorry," she said.

After being offered a break by the judge, Onigkeit was given a bottle of water and continued her testimony.

Officials for Maricopa County have said that the county followed election procedures. Lake must prove that the county broke the law during its signature verification process in the 2022 election for governor.

Watch the video below.