'Festering cabal': Kari Lake melts down at 'sham certification' as loss becomes official
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Former Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake (R) on Monday blasted what she called the "sham certification" of her election loss.

During an interview with conservative podcast host Steve Bannon, Lake noted that the certification of her election loss was just an hour away.

"The optics of them sitting there and signing their signature — can you imagine — to this sham election," she opined. "We've got more issues than we saw in 2020, in that sham election. We have just blatant sabotaging of election day."

"And if they sit there and sign their names to this sham certification, history will never forgive them," the former candidate added. "They will go down as three of the very worst in history."

Lake tied her election loss to information about the 2020 election that Twitter's Elon Musk shared recently.

"I don't even know how to describe it other than a festering cabal that's in charge of our government right now," Lake remarked. "And this is our moment to stand up and fight back."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.