'Say, you know what? Arrest me': Kari Lake calls for law-breaking to stop election certifications

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona governor, encouraged county supervisors to break the law to ensure that her opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), is not certified as the winner of the 2022 election.

During an interview on Tuesday, right-wing podcast host Steve Bannon asked Lake if she could prove that the election had been stolen.

Lake argued that election fraud was indisputable.

"We had poll watchers, poll workers, attorneys that were out there — observers and there's not a darn thing that they could do when as if on clockwork, all the computers went down, all the tabulators — or the majority of the tabulators went down. I mean it's diabolical geniusness on their part."

Lake referred to a video clip of one county supervisor saying that he faced legal action for threatening not to certify Hobbs' victory.

"This is a time for Americans, for Arizonans to stand up," she said. "I saw in Mohave County with [Ron Gould] on the Board of Supervisors. He said, 'I'm doing this — I'm certifying this under duress. They're telling me if I don't, I'll be locked up. They're telling me, I'll be arrested. They're telling me is a Class 6 felony and I'm doing this under duress.'"

The candidate argued that the certification could not stand up in court if it were done under duress.

"But I wish that somebody would say, 'You know what? Arrest me then. I don't care,'" Lake remarked. "We need people with courage to say, 'Class what felony? Go ahead, go for it, arrest me because this is a botched election and you're disenfranchising the folks in Mohave County when you allow this kind of election in Maricopa County to stand.'"

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.