kari lake storms off 60 minutes

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake showed she wasn't ready for prime time when a '60 Minutes' reporter interviewed her for the Australia show on Sunday.

Liam Bartlett asked Lake about Donald Trump saying that he would pardon those who participated in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“Well, that really has nothing to do with being Governor of Arizona. I wasn’t there," she replied.

"Let's be fair on this. Your man, Donald — your man, Donald, brought it up," speaking to the fact that Trump was part of the GOP and had endorsed Lake. He noted that Trump said that the 2020 election was a lie. She took offense to that.

The two talked over each other with, Bartlett repeating, "well that's not true at all. That's not true at all."

“Why did you say that, sir? Your man, Donald?” she asked. He explained that Trump is a Republican leader. She has declared herself part of the Republican Party.

"He said they should all be pardoned. Do you think they should be pardoned," Bartlett asked. It was a legitimate question, but Lake was too triggered by the phrasing of the question.

“I’m still amazed you said that. Your man, Donald. That’s just so disrespectful," she replied.

"Why would it? He's endorsed you. His personal endorsement," said Bartlett.

"It’s just the flippant attitude," Lake whined. "It’s just — it’s obvious you’ve come into this. It's obvious you've come into this and you don't like President Donald Trump."

"Kari, do you think they should be pardoned?" Bartlett asked again.

"I have no say in that. I'm running for governor," Lake dodged. "This isn't something a governor does. You're trying to twist that to make me look bad.”

"You're a Republican," said Bartlett. "He's the Republican leader."

It devolved from there, with Lake ultimately walking off the set.

Republicans have had a hard time dealing with the questions about Jan. 6 and it appears they still haven't come up with a way to explain it away.

See the video below:

Republican nominee for Arizona governor Kari Lake (pictured) stormed out of an interview after showing an outright dislike to an Australian reporter

“Donald Trump said the accused [over the Capitol Riots] should be forgiven. Do you agree (to that?’ asked Mr. Bartlett.

Since the riots, 786 people have been arrested and charged with crimes, with an analysis by The Guardian showing that 70 percent have been released on bail, far more than the typical 25 percent rate for federal indictees.

The storming of the Capitol left at least five dead and 140 police officers injured and followed a fiery speech by Trump to thousands of his supporters near the White House.

Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for a second historic time after the Capitol riots and charged with inciting a riot, but was acquitted by the Senate.

“People are being held in prison without charge, it’s un-American,” Ms. Lake said.

Trump supporters encounter police in Washington January 6 as they attempt to breach a police barrier (pictured) in front of the Capitol building, a symbol of US democracy

More than 700 people have been charged in the Capitol Riots and most have been released

“Maybe they’ll get away with it in Australia because you gave away your rights. You have no freedom, you have melted down all your weapons.’

“We do things differently here in America, we have something called the Constitution and we have rights.”

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