Trump-backed Arizona candidate for governor claims to know 'mastermind' behind 'stolen' election
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Kari Lake, a former television anchor who has been endorsed by former President Trump for Arizona governor, accused Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of being the "mastermind" behind what she claims was a stolen election in 2020.

While appearing on Real America's Voice with host Steve Bannon, Lake predicted that she could defeat Hobbs in a race for governor because the secretary of state would be "behind bars."

"I think Katie Hobbs is going to have a really tough time campaigning from behind bars," Lake opined. "That's where that woman might be in short order."

"You've become very Trumpian very quickly," Bannon laughed.

"She's basically the mastermind of the 2020 election," Lake insisted. "The secretary of state oversees the election and we know and we saw it proved last Friday when we saw the forensic audit report detailed for us, all of the fraud, all of the -- what appears to be criminal activity. I mean, who goes in the day before and deletes millions of election files the day before the audit is to begin. That is criminal."

Lake also said that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich should "absolutely" file criminal charges against Hobbs.

"We have proof and evidence and he needs to, right now, make it a crime scene," she said. "I am a true believer that President Trump was the greatest president of our lifetime. He woke up so many people."

"I know there's an element on the left that wants to call him names," Lake added, "I know there is an element on the left that wants to call all of us who want to get to the bottom of this corrupt stolen election, they call us names, they call us conspiracy theorists when we bring the truth out to them. And then what do they do? They ban us, they put disclaimers on our posts and then guess what? They find out we were telling the truth."

Despite Lake's claims, no court in the United States has found that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.