Katie Porter’s GOP challenger rages at ‘dysgenic freaks’ and ‘globalists’ after fight erupts at town hall event
Nick Taurus and Katie Porter at a town hall event. (Screenshots)

A fight broke out at California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter's district town hall meeting this Sunday. According to The Los Angeles Times, the scuffle was between her supporters and supporters of Donald Trump who crashed her event.

"It is disappointing that a small but vocal group of attendees, who advertised a 'confrontation rally,' created unsafe conditions at a planned family-friendly event," Porter said in a statement. "While I absolutely respect their right to disagree, their disturbance disrespected all the families who attended and were ready to engage in a thoughtful, civil and safe way."

"My team and I are evaluating next steps, but my promise to Orange County families is that I will continue to hold town halls and to be in conversation with them," she added.

Outdoor Irvine Town Town Hall With Katie Porter Disrupted By Protestors www.youtube.com

The melee came after an Instagram post this Thursday from her possible mid-term election opponent Nick Taurus, who called on his supporters to show up at the town hall and "CONFRONT KATIE PORTER!" According to the Times, Taurus was one of those involved in the scuffle.

As Porter spoke, protesters shouted "Carpetbagger Katie!" and "Corrupt Katie Porter" and continued to interrupt her as she spoke. Eventually, a few people confronted the protesters, resulting in punches being thrown and "men falling to the ground," according to the Times' report. Porter reportedly rushed over to the scuffle and tried to protect an elderly woman who was nearby when the fight broke out.

Taurus later led a chant of "America first! America first!" and asked members of the audience if they were from America, according to the Times.

The potential GOP candidate later posted footage from the incident. "Porter Supporters are deranged, dysgenic, freaks, TOTAL ANIMALS! We will not cower from the globalists, even when outnumbered," he wrote in an Instagram post.