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John Oliver opened his Sunday evening episode of "Last Week Tonight," pointing to Alabama's Republican legislature and Gov. Kay Ivey, who passed legislation targeting transgender children despite doctors testifying to explain to them why it was absurd.

A recent outbreak of ignorance has occurred in far-right states like Texas and Alabama and Oliver explained that anyone who helps provide healthcare to children like hormone blockers stands to spend 10 years behind bars.

Ivey has used the anti-trans hate as a key tenet of her 2022 campaign. One of her ads says that gender is decided by biology not ideology. Yet, she then said that she's following instructions by God, not biology.

After showing the ad, Oliver made it clear, "first, f*ck you. Second, 'summer's hot. Ocean's big.' Doesn't sound like the wind-up to denying trans people their rights, it sounds like a children's book the author wrote while hungover. 'summer's hot. Ocean's big. I don't know, what more do you f*cking kids want from me?'"

Oliver detailed some of the flaws of "how God made us," to help Ivey understand that perhaps there's not that much "intelligent design" going on.

He went on to show videos of children who explained how damaging it can be to deny such treatment to young people, who can make it clear who they are and why. Others asked why Ivey and other Republican lawmakers care so much about their lives.

Anyone who takes away that kind of care, Oliver said, showing a photo of Ivey, "You are a bad person. In fact, the only good thing you could possibly bring into this world is if you're played by beloved character actress Margo Martindale in a limited series. It wouldn't be easy for Margo, because she's so universally beloved and you're an absolute garbage lady. But it would be unmissable TV."

Oliver continued by explaining that most people, ignorant of exactly who transgender people are, focus on surgery, which they consider in Alabama to be an irreversible treatment. The reality is that there is a lot more that goes into it including medication and therapy. Sometimes it doesn't include surgery, and sometimes it does. But as with all other surgeries, Oliver said, "it's none of your f*cking business."

In fact, none of it is as quick and easy as Republicans seem to think it is. As one doctor tried to explain to the GOP legislature, there are safeguards in place to ensure the decisions are the right ones. "Genital surgery is never performed on minors in Alabama," Dr. Morissa Landinsky said. "Puberty-blocking medications are 100 percent reversible and can be life-saving. Now, some older teens, not 7-year-olds, merit hormonal therapy, but initiation involves lengthy informed consent, lengthy mental health oversight and the subspecialized care provided."

Alabama lawmakers appeared to ignore the medical advice, and they voted to ban it anyway.

"Yeah, of course, doctors are going to be careful in caring for their patients because unlike the Alabama legislature they actually care about kids' well-being," Oliver slammed.

He noted that it's also clear why lawmakers don't tell the truth when talking about transgender healthcare. They might come off as irrational and careless during an election year.

Oliver closed by sending a message to every child that they are "important" and their "lives are important... You are profoundly valuable and irreplaceable. As for Kay Ivey, what the f*ck is wrong with you?!"

See the video below at the 39-minute mark:

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