'She's young enough for this to haunt her': Ex-federal prosecutor warns Kayleigh McEnany to comply with subpoena
Kayleigh McEnany (Screen Grab)

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance on Tuesday discussed the decision by the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 to issue an additional ten subpoenas, including aides who were closest to former President Donald Trump throughout the day.

Speaking on an MSNBC panel of experts, Vance warned that Kayleigh McEnany is so young that her decision about whether to cooperate or not will determine her future in politics.

"It's important to remember that Congress has a different role here than DOJ might have," Vance explained about McEnany pushing the "big lie" from the White House podium. "Congress can't indict anyone. Congress' mission here is a fact-finding mission and so they'll be interested in learning all of the obvious questions that we would have here. Who told her to say this. Did she think it was true? Did she push back? There's a lot of rich information to explore with her."

What is hanging over her head, however, is how her participation could reflect on the Justice Department investigation and prosecutions.

"She's a young woman, presumably she has future stages in her career," said Vance. "So far, the DOJ hasn't seemed to get serious about prosecutions. There hasn't been accountability for any of the people involved in the big lie, but she is young enough for this to haunt her and for the risk, the threat of criminal prosecution down the road to be very serious. If she were to decide to tell the truth, she could do a lot to undo the many times she took to the podium after telling us she would never lie to us."

Host Nicolle Wallace said Vance was "putting it kindly."

See the video below:

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