Former head of Christian school disappears after allegations of abuse surface

The former head of a Christian school in Canada that has been accused of carrying out physical and emotional abuse has gone missing. According to Only Sky's Hemant Mehta, he's likely trying to avoid getting served with legal documents in a $25 million lawsuit.

Last month, the CBC published a report on 18 former students of the Christian Centre Academy (now called Legacy Christian Academy) in Saskatoon, one of whom say they were subjected to a “violent exorcism” to cast out his “gay demons.” Another was placed in “solitary confinement” every day for two full weeks.

"The school’s response was to deny everything and insist things are different today… even though many staff members were the same, and even though former administrators were still working in the profession, and even though there was never any formal apology," Mehta writes. "Making matters worse was that the school received government funding for decades. It amounts to roughly $700,000 per year today."

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Now, more than 30 victims are speaking out, and they're filing a class action lawsuit and against the school and the Saskatoon Christian Centre Church (now known as the Mile Two Church) which oversees it. The plaintiffs are seeking $25 million in compensation, as well as other unspecified damages.

The former head of the school, Keith Johnson, needs to be served papers alerting him to the charges, but according to Mehta's report, officials can’t seem to find him anywhere. They believe he may have packed up his stuff and relocated to Oklahoma.

Read the full report over at Only Sky.