Kelly Loeffler demands Attorney General probe Georgia secretary of state who she blames for election loss

Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) on Wednesday demanded that Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr open an investigation into Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who she blames for her recent election loss.

In a letter to Carr, Loeffler alleges that Raffensperger "put his political self-interest ahead of the people of Georgia in conducting elections."

"Secretary Raffensperger politicized and minimized voters' legitimate concerns about changes to Georgia's elections which are related to the pandemic and legal settlements, failed to complete investigations and provide timely information, and engaged in political matters during an election," the letter complains.

Loeffler goes on to suggest that Raffensperger's actions caused her to lose January's runoff election because "over 339,000 Republican voters who voted in November did not vote in January."

"Voting rights are not a partisan issue," she insists despite recent political disagreements about how elections are conducted. "And the loss of electoral confidence disenfranchises voters of any political affiliation."

Loeffler listed a number of misleading claims against Raffensperger, including the suggestion that his disclosure of conversations with former President Donald Trump caused her to lose the election.

"Secretary Raffensperger's office orchestrated the recording of a call with the President of the United States and subsequently released the recording to the Washington Post just days before the January runoff," she wrote, "interfering with an election that was already underway by reducing faith in the process and eroding trust in our elected officials."

In a statement on Wednesday, Raffensperger called the allegations "laughable."

“Kelly Loeffler's failure to convince anyone she actually was a Trump supporter is the reason Georgia doesn't have a Republican Senator or the United States a Republican Senate," the statement said. "The letter and the allegations in it are laughable."

Read the letter below and the responses below.