Kellyanne Conway blasted by Trump spokeswoman for 'totally false' claim in new book
Kellyanne Conway (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

A central claim in an upcoming book from former White House aide Kellyanne Conway has members of Team Trump issuing denials, The Daily Beast reports.

According to Conway, Trump considered quitting the 2016 presidential race after the notorious Access Hollywood tape surfaced, which featured him bragging about allegedly sexually assaulting women.

“This is totally false,” Trump’s chief spokesperson Liz Harrington told The Daily Beast.

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In her book Here’s the Deal, Conway claims the fallout from the video prompted Trump to ask her, “Should I get out [of the race]?” and pondered: “‘Will I lose? Will we lose? Can we still win?”

Conway says in her book that she convinced Trump to stay in the race. "I know you don’t like to lose,” she told him at the time, “but I also know you don’t like to quit.”

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